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The definition of independent is to be free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority. In a recent Gallop poll, 42% of people questioned identify as politically independent. I can’t help wondering if these 42% are just wanting to keep pollsters and politicians guessing, or if they are legitimately looking for something better outside of the Democrat and Republican parties?

Traditionally, third party candidates do not fair well in America. In fact, they tend to hurt the one of the other two candidates with which they are most closely aligned. And it was the Democrats this week, who were screaming the loudest, as billionaire and coffee mogul Howard Schultz announced his potential bid for president in 2020.

Howard Schultz is one of the 42% and he is making an important statement. But Democrats are too busy screaming to listen and Republicans are too busy applauding to stay focused.

What Howard Schultz is trying to say, is that our two-party system is broken and perhaps its time we consider an alternative. He is also willing to put his money where his mouth is.

As a Democrat, Schultz would have to compete and win against an already crowded and divided party. As an Independent he is beholden to no one. If ever there was a time to try, I would suggest now is it.

According to Gallop, President Trump has an approval rating of just 37% . However, Republicans are not about to cross party lines and vote Democrat, so even the dissatisfied are stuck with Trump. Perhaps, a conservative, independent, business man would appeal to these disenfranchised Republicans.

However, where Republican voters once embraced a businessman’s fame and experience, Democrats seemingly deplore the arrogance of the assumption that business success can lead to political success. Angry Twitter has exploded against Schultz for having the gall to want to fix the unfixable.

It appears that if 42% of Americans really are Independent, they are the silent ones.

Howard Schultz may not be the panacea to the bi-partisan woes of America however, if we don’t take the time to listen, how will we ever know.

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