• Jacque' Nowak


Today is day 26 of the 2019 Donald Trump government shut down. And if anyone is still asking whether President Trump owns this shut down or not, the answer is unequivocally YES.

You see, the president keeps telling his base that this is all the fault of the Democrats. When in truth, Republicans sponsored this Continuing Resolution. This CR was needed to fund the government, it was brought to the House and Senate, passing in the Senate 100-0. Better than just bi-partisan, everyone signed on. ALL Republicans and ALL Democrats. This was a done deal. Or least, so it was thought. Was it a terrible deal for Trump? Well, it’s exactly what he asked Vice President Pence to get done.

Then overnight, it wasn’t good enough. And our government shut down. Suddenly 800,000 people wouldn’t be receiving their paychecks.

Now, Mitch McConnell has literally gone into hiding. He is no where to be found. He doesn’t want the CR to come up again in the Senate, only to have it vetoed by the President. But Mitch, isn’t that your job? By not bringing this resolution up to vote you are allowing the shutdown to continue unchallenged.

In fact, Mr. McConnell, didn’t you and the 52 other Senate Republicans vote for this? Where are your convictions? You need to remember that you don’t work for the President, you work for the people. And if you have to vote 50 times on this, before the President signs it, that’s your job. Bring the resolution to vote and let the people see who is on their side.

When the House, Senate and President all get busy doing their jobs, then the 800,000 government employees can get back to doing theirs.

This isn’t a game, the livelihood of 800,000 people has been set aside for Trump’s ego and Trump’s ego alone. The crisis at the border is turning into a crisis in the heartland. We need a secure border but holding 800,000 innocent people’s lives for ransom is not just unfair, it’s unconscionable.

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